Camisa Fitness Dynamics guides its members toward a safe, strong and healthy lifestyle. We integrate injury prevention, functional strength and joint resilience by teaching and training fundamental movement patterns.

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Recover & Recharge Sessions

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you! With a Recover & Recharge session, you get 30 minutes of modalities with our licensed Athletic Trainer. The techniques used include (but are not limited to) Frequency Specific Microcurrent, percussion therapy, myofascial decompression and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. These modalities support muscular healing, improve mobility & enhance muscular firing among other benefits to maximize your previous and next workout.

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LINK TO: Myofascial Decompression Cupping
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BioCharger Sessions

The BioCharger NG is a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform. The transmitted energy stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. The BioCharger NG is completely non-invasive, and has proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity.

The BioCharger NG utilizes four different energy types – Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs). As individual energies, each has its fair share of supported research, however the BioCharger NG is the first energy platform of its kind to incorporate all four of these beneficial energies into one platform.

Check out our BioCharger Recipe Book at our front desk to see how a session can assist in the recovery of a wide range of conditions and goals, from muscular pain & recovery to lyme disease. A session duration depends on the recipe you choose, ranging from approximately 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

LINK TO: BioCharger NG Page

Mini Recovery Sessions

Need a quick recovery session after class or after your training session? Jump onto a treatment table & experience percussion therapy with our HyperVolt. 15 minutes with your trainer can prevent delayed onset muscle soreness and optimize your workout by accelerating muscular healing so you can keep training!

Add-on a BioCharger Session during the Mini Recovery for that extra revitalization!

Nutrition & Stress Management

The Inner Athlete Training Back to Basics System is a 6 to 12 month program that works on a three-tier level of Nutrition, Movement, and Stress Management. Nutritionist, personal trainer & health coach, James Jankiewicz collaborates with his students to refine and master crucial skills and habits that lead the individual to a place of great health, mental calmness, and a strong body with sound movement patterns. In just 6 to 12 months you can move better, have a sound diet that enhances your health, and a calmer mind to assist you in life’s troubled waters.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are increasingly popular in the wellness community for a number of reasons including the numerous health benefits and they just make you feel good! What exactly is an infrared sauna? Before we dive into what infrared saunas are, we should first understand infrared wavelengths.

Energy Light Rejuvenation

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ is the future of skin care technology. Developed from ancient healing traditions, ELR™ is where holistic goes high-tech! Bridging eastern technique and western technology, Energy Light Rejuvenation allows for individualized treatments. Combining Frequency Specific Microcurrent with Therapeutic Light and Color (TLC), these treatments provide a one-of-kind rejuvenation that meets your specific needs. ELR is the perfect renewal remedy for those who want to hold the hands of time and age at their own pace.

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